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Securities Investment Technology



National stock market financial data statistics

We have long been committed to some countries of the tens of thousands of listed enterprises financial data cycle collection, collation, analysis, statistics, and valuation. The securities investment is based on the financial data of the enterprise, and the highest income securities are searched by computer statistics. We can study and trade stocks of listed companies in 17 countries such as the United States, China, Britain, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and France.

Figure 1-1, National Stock Exchange


Global Corporate ROE Comparison

Through a large number of enterprise financial data analysis and the future valuation of enterprise assets appreciation, we aim to select the best investment target of the world.


1 The net asset investment yield of the United States, China, UK and other countries.

Figure 1-2, American 2016 ROE



2 The intrinsic valuation of the stock. Figure 1-3


3. Examples of financial indicators to assist ROE. Figure 1-4




Securities Valuation Technology

Our Stock valuation technology is stable and leading. It is based on the analysis of the national securities market of a whole country, taking the ROE as the basic core, emphasizing the margin of book value security. ROE has a long history and reputation. At the same time reference other comprehensive securities valuation factors, such as main income, EPS, circulation common Stock Number changes, book value and ROIC, such as comprehensive use. Because most enterprises have the financial leverage, there is no financial leverage will be a lot of limitations. The use of financial leverage is wise in the case of a stable and reliable history of qualified enterprises, which is beneficial to shareholders. Therefore, we analyze ROE from multiple angles, and combine enterprise strategic management theory and mathematical statistics to form our own unique investment technology.


We have obtained many successful valuation experiences in the statistical analysis of the standard & poor 500 companies.



Our analytical structure:


  • National risk assessment for enterprises
  • Internal valuation of Enterprise finance
  • Relative valuation of common stock in a national stock market


Our Securities Valuation order:

1. Enterprise Country rating.

2. Enterprises in the industry status, regional, national, international free market monopoly capacity, non-executive bank monopolies.

3. Is enterprise management committed to the ROE strategy-to create economic benefits for common shareholders?

4. Whether companies can expand globally in the fastest growing industries.

5. Profit margin, turnover rate, debt ratio.

6. Stock price safety margin benchmark, based on book value.

7. Financial leverage affects ROE, stock valuation must refer to ROIC. Boeing ROIC and ROE contrast. Figure 1-5



8. Intrinsic Valuation Model: Revenue high growth not equal to high profitability, we prefer high growth and high profitability or cash-earning stock listed companies. We use Stock A to show how to compare with standard and poor 500 index sales, book, earnings per share, cash flow comparison. Figures 1-7,

9. Focus on the history of more than 10 years of financial data.






10. Enterprise value important influence factor. Figure 1-9:



Studies the sentiment characteristics of market investors from the perspective of financial psychology.

Valuations play a positive role in correcting psychological fluctuations.

1. The biggest antagonism is--how to ignore short-term fluctuations.

2. From a valuation point of view, stock prices have risen off the upper limit of the valuation area, deviating from the value but the market is excited, and the panic has plunged after the share price into the value area, so-called others fear I am excited, others excited I fear.

3. Correct understanding of cash accumulation and stock price fluctuation, Book value safety margin = Gain profit

4. The stock price difference in the state where the stock is over neglected and valued by a market.



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