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Our Investment Products




Key Investment Industry and portfolio


With the world's largest capital capacity and growth space of the consumer-class enterprises, the top brand consumer international enterprises. Figure 3-4




The subject of investment in the industry in oligopoly

  • Operating cash flow positive, 10 years history‘s positive earnings, no loss year
  • Large liquidity securities, superior quality of enterprise stock
  • High performance growth
  • High profit margin
  • Simultaneous growth of total operating income and net profit, non-single growth


Investment Product Category

  • Large liquidity high growth enterprise public stock
  • Preferred stock
  • Merger arbitrage


Defensive and Aggressive investor

Adhere to the "Conservative investors sleep without worry" characteristics of humanity. The use of historical financial records and valuation analysis to lock the High-yield enterprise; positive strategy only in the opportunity of change to find representative enterprises, appropriate investment.


Investment Evasion:

  • Non-well-known industrial enterprises, cycle class, small technology enterprises
  • Slow development industry
  • Penny Stock
  • Commodities, forex, Metals, futures
  • Financial derivatives and other highly leveraged investment methods.



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