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New service



China Marketing and Sales TARGET Consultant



1, be your marketing and sales director in China, and be good at researching and collecting value customer information list.

2, help you sell the world wide high-quality culture, technology, products and services into the Chinese community, the faster the better!


Our ability and technology:

Time is money. Data is gold mine.

1,We good at the information of more than 3,000 listed and hundreds of thousands of other companies in China, and understand their financial, development, ability, operation and human relations.

2, we have China's industry elite, talent.



1, to explore the customer target list of China's local enterprises.

2, Research the company's operations, production, sales and so on.

3, Provide a clear list of customers for your mass sales purposes.

4, our value is to help you save huge expense on travel and make great money while save a year’s time.

5, Research on the collation of Chinese customer list, effective coverage of more than 65%, the information is very accurate,

6, the sales target customer business and procurement background research is almost up to the level of due diligence.



The value we give to you:

We charge a reasonable price, quite a sales Director and marketing director of the annual income of 25% of 1/2.

Provide guidance level information service to the Sales Director and marketing director of the customer.

For customers to develop the Chinese market for a year 80% of travel funds, 1 years in advance to fully grasp the Chinese sales target background information.

We are the most professional sales consultants.


Our Goal:

1, to help find customers in mainland China, sales of products, goods and services to help customers gain economic profit, strategy and brand status.

2, into China's circulation channels, to achieve the end customer.

3, through in China, increase your ROE, shareholders value.


Service offer to be paid:

1, China customer List

2, China Industry development and Status report

3, exhibition information and advertising

4, need to register the qualification and the license, we provide the intermediary agency and the quotation that handles these documents.


You must provide us with:

Your local customer characteristics, customer scope, product characteristics, technical points, the more information provided, the more accurate the direction of our work in China market.


List product Quality Commitment:

Industry concentration shows how many potential clients you will have.

1, Provide more than 80%of China's customer list of the industry, including the industry's largest relying on the former customers, the total occupy the Chinese market 80%.

2, the rest 33% of the customers will be relatively small, relatively new, not necessarily the industry's most stable group.


Pay us after testing our sample quality:

1, we will delivery of the customer list within 1 month of receipt of the advance payment or 20 working days.

2, customers may test our quality by several customer of the total list we will give you, watch their website, even contact customers by phone or email, make sure of our product quality, and ask questions and comments to us, we will work until the customer is satisfied with the total clients list.

3, if you satisfied our list sample, please pay us prepay deposit.



Price float according to the situation and volume.

Total contract: USD 25000

Prepaid Deposit: 15000 USD

Payment after receipt full list: 8000 USD

Quality Deposit: USD 2000 (paid after one months)



Our Product and Service

Product 1:

List of target customer companies in China.

Divided into: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen city. the national wide customers.

Contains: The location of the company headquarters, accurate negotiation department, decision maker department, company background, basic business, revenue scale, number of personnel, registration time, number of patents, number of cases, credit information.

Product 2:  

China target customer list.

Contains the decision person address, the contact telephone and the email information, by US completes the initial telephone communication negotiation. List of China target customer resources. Contains decision addresses, contact telephone numbers and email messages.

Be contacted by the customer.

Product 3:  

China sales Manager, arrange Office service or homebased, pay Social security insurance to employees, provide industry salary range, etc. (recommended, close communication with Chinese customers, bilingual, overcome time difference, execute Sales service procedure)

Product 4:  Invoice

Product 5:  Our in-depth cooperation with customers, directly become China's regional agents and dealer net work

Product 6:  Acquisition target, mergers and acquisitions business due diligence, investment banking services of local securities and financial institutions in China, acquisition price reference valuation, absorbing strategic investors.

Product 7:  Other countries market customer information, (if required)

Product 8:  Industry Market Advisory Report: English.


What's the difference?

1, Directly! We provide a detailed customer list to directly discuss procurement cooperation.

2, Rich! The more customer information you have, the faster the sales transaction you made,  

3, Function! Key roles, Market, sales and Customer Director 3 functions, guide to accurately cover the China market.


Service Examples:

You specify the requirements, and we find the clients list.


1, if you were the food manufacturer, we provide the location of the large commercial chain supermarket purchasing department, and provide the Distributor list.

2, if you were the standard machinery equipment manufacturer, we offer this kind of product the Chinese dealer list, the latent dealer company, solves the equipment sale path and the Post-sale service.

3, if you were a large mining equipment enterprises.

We offer a list of 50-200 mining business customers and locations that can be sold directly.

4, if you were medical equipment, medical supplies, we provide the potential for distribution and proxy customer list.

5, if you need financial institutions to provide large equity and financing institutions. 6, Education class.

For education School Customer list, cooperation department, telephone.

7, you're a lawyer, we're looking for lot of law firm or on you request.

8, you're an actress, we're looking for a long broker list for you.


Our culture:

Focus on niche areas, through selection, evaluation and excellent customers to help enterprises achieve competitive advantage and strategic objectives.


We have a wide network of contacts and data resources, engaged in many projects, experienced, including all industries, because there are persons.


Mission: To help entrepreneurs realize China's career dream.


Professionalism: Focus on the division of the field, consultants and enterprises to maintain long-term and sustainable mutual benefit of the cooperative relationship.


Unique gene: We choose our own sales consultants from the industry elite to ensure a clear listening to corporate customers


To ensure that we provide effective services to our customers. Make difference, integrate international excellent resources.


To "create differentiated value for customers" as their own responsibility, to help brand growth, the achievement of brand leadership status, so that enterprises are different from us.



Welcome email or call us.

















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