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Corporate governance


You are welcome to join us in investing in global stocks.


Unique Advantages of Limited Partnership

1 Tax Advantage, Single tax system, limited partnership system only pay personal tax, no enterprise income tax.

2 Concentrated investment, no over diversification of investment rules.

3 It is easy for investors to approach and understand the investment managers, the General partner, they can fully contact the major investment decision makers and increase mutual understanding.

4 Financial transparency, quarterly disclosure of partner net assets by audit Company


Centralized Investment Decision Making

The core of investment decision-making right is consistent with our ROE investment principle. In view of the many investment styles of the securities market investment managers, after a long period of thinking and comparison, we believe that the right concentration decision-making can better practice the responsibility of investment managers. First, the responsibility is clear, there is no chance to refuse. Second, it is appropriate to understand the valuation of corporate finance and securities. 3rd, it contributes to decision-making efficiency and liquidity in financial markets. Democracy is a great way to manage, but not for investment decisions.

We ask the partners to read and adapt to our investment principles.


Enterprise Ethics  

The partnership adheres to the principle of honesty and self-discipline, treats the confidentiality of the customer's privacy information, strictly observes the professional discipline of investment, and does not change the direction of investment and portfolio. Protect the interests of the customer and cherish the reputation when the employee's interests conflict with the customer's interests. When the interests of employees conflict with the company's interests, think hard to support the company, relying on the company to achieve employee dreams.


Partner Protection Measures

1. Regular third party audits of net asset status.

2. strictly abide by the agreement of the partners, do not change the direction of investment.

3. Anti-Money laundering, investment funds must be legal.

4. Operating partner funds with low operating costs, such as renting ordinary office space, reducing waste.


Our Development Strategy

1 plan to become a corporate fund

2 promote rational investment and stabilize financial market.

3 The establishment of a number of national securities market database and valuation system to achieve accurate investment




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