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About Us



STOCKROE Securities Valuation Technology , we focus on research the global listed company's shareholders’ ratio of return on equity (ROE) and the market performance, we develop stock financial data statistics and computer valuation technology, we provide customers with stock investment services by limited partnership.

The return on equity (ROE) is the cornerstone of securities analysis investment, which represents the annual return on net assets of shareholders. Our investment is operated by valuation technology and research market, which ensure the rich return and completely beyond the Standard & Pool 500 index.


In our statistical analysis of data, each enterprise's assets are abstracted into a profit cash flow, through comparison, excavation and asset evaluation, we choose the industry with cash growth leadership, especially in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, the consumer sector of advanced manufacturing, software industry, franchising, household appliances, media, communications , Chip and other international well-known enterprises. We study the product change of enterprise, senior management strategy and management art, enterprise core competitiveness, market monopoly position. In more than tens of thousands of the corporate stock, through the financial comparison and securities valuation analysis, we only focus on a small selection of high yield investment target for our customers.


This limited partnership operates in Hong Kong and plans to set up offices in countries such as the United States, Singapore and the United Kingdom, Japan etc... We are particularly closely following the performance of international businesses in western and eastern markets, such as observing sales in Asia of aircraft designed by the United States, cross-validation, and observing the international market performance of American companies outside the United States is extremely important.


Our Goal:  Annual ration of return on investment 30%-70%.


We believe in: Through continuous improvement of stock valuation technology, we make money for partners, and we will always maintain a pragmatic attitude.





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